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If you’re experiencing signs of vaginal atrophy such as dryness, pain, or urinary incontinence, you may benefit from MonaLisa Touch® laser therapy. This innovative laser therapy stimulates cell growth and regeneration in your vaginal tissue to improve your vaginal wellness. At North Florida Urology Associates, Perinchery Narayan, MD, Matthew Loughlin, MD, and the rest of the team of expert urologists provide MonaLisa Touch therapy from their offices in Gainesville, Ocala, The Villages, and Palatka, Florida. Call or use online booking to schedule your consultation today.

MonaLisa Touch® Q & A

What is the MonaLisa Touch?

The MonaLisa Touch is an innovative women’s health treatment that uses laser energy to stimulate the growth of new capillaries and collagen in your vaginal tissue.

What women’s health conditions does MonaLisa Touch correct?

Women generally develop vaginal atrophy as they approach menopause. Your estrogen levels decrease, and as a result, your vaginal tissue becomes thin, dry, and prone to injury. Additionally, as your vaginal tissue weakens, it affects your pelvic floor strength, which contributes to other issues like urinary incontinence.  Some of the symptoms that resolve with MonaLisa Touch treatment include:

  • Vaginal dryness, itching, or burning
  • Pain during sex
  • Decreased lubrication
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Frequent urinary tract infections

Additionally, the physical stress of pregnancy and childbirth can damage your vaginal tissue and cause similar symptoms. MonaLisa Touch can also restore your vaginal health after having children.

What happens during MonaLisa Touch therapy?

The MonaLisa Touch treatment is an in-office procedure that takes approximately five minutes. You recline on a treatment bed, much like you do when you have a pelvic exam or Pap test. Your doctor at North Florida Urology Associates inserts the MonaLisa Touch device into your vagina and turns on the laser.

You experience a warming sensation while the device sends laser energy into your vaginal walls and tissue. After five minutes, your doctor removes the device, and you’re able to continue with your day.

While you may experience improvement after just one session, your doctor may recommend a series of treatments to optimize the effects. Following your initial series of MonaLisa Touch procedures, you may also benefit from an annual touch-up appointment to maintain the results.

What should I expect during recovery from MonaLisa Touch therapy?

One of the many benefits of MonaLisa Touch laser therapy is that you don’t need to take any time out of your day to recover from the treatment. Your doctor gives you specific aftercare instructions, and you should avoid penetrative sexual intercourse for two or three days.

If you’re concerned about your vaginal health or are troubled by painful intercourse or urinary incontinence, call or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about MonaLisa Touch and if it’s right for you.